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Looking for unique birthday gift ideas? Explore creative ways to give money as a gift and make the recipient's special day even more memorable. Get inspired with our top money gift ideas for birthdays.
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A cash gift is always an easy way to please a teen family member, college students, or even that one person that is so hard to find the right gift for. I know that every time I gave one of my young nephews a $5 bill and took them to the dollar store they seemed like they were in Heaven! It took a regular Aunt hangout day and made it into a special occasion. I just love coming up with cute ways to give even the smallest amounts of cash to little kids that I'd like to share some

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Raise your hand if you don't like giving money as a gift! Or you need ideas on how to make an awesome gift money presentation! Find the best 16 ways HERE!

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Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. While I always love finding unique gifts for people, there are sometimes where the best gift to give is money. Rather than just hand them a crumpled $20 in an envelope, I do my best to make the experience special. I've written about fun methods of gifting cash before and felt like coming up with some more ideas! Here are the super clever & unique ways to bless your recipient with cash. 20+ Best Ways to Give Money as a Gift I asked a few of my…

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