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Discover the beauty of modern Chinese interior design and create a harmonious space that blends elegance and tradition. Get inspired by top ideas to infuse your home with the rich culture of China.
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I see many modern interiors that are influenced by Japanese style. This is evident from several countries such as Brazil which has the largest Japanese community and Europe are trying to combine Scandinavian interior with Japanese influences. This trend has been popular for a while and I am sure that in the future many interior

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I am an accomplished designer who designs home DIY's for myself. Rhino CAD is my software of choice. I design boat & yacht hull parameters and characteristics, superstructures, marine elements of graphical design works, and I am familiar with engineering technical drawings. I have studied manual Drafting & Design and have taught myself Rhino CAD.

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Chinese interior design has come a long way, once defined by bright and decorative ornaments, it now takes on a more earnest approach that feels serene and rustic. Discover new ways to approach the holiday spirit, deck the halls in Eastern elements, garnish your tableware in inky blues or keep to classic infused with cultured traditions.

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This project is about room interior design which uses Chinese painting decor as the focus. I've mainly used Midjourney's Niji to generate these images. There is some AI artwork here that set the outdoor landscape view as a Chinese painting. I find it has a nice touch and so I've included them.

When VIP guest push open the restaurant’s oriental door and walk into the private room, their attention is immediately drawn to traditional mix with modern Chinese elements such as grey tiles, wood craft work blend with stone cladding wall panel, red color coat glass enhanced with neon light, oriental dining set and ancient collectible display items, all evoking the saga era during Eastern Han dynasty followed by the Western Jin dynasty. Modern Chinese Cafe, Modern Chinese Restaurant Interior, Chinese Interior Design Traditional, Chinese Restaurant Design, Chinese Bar, Oriental Restaurant, Bar Design Restaurant, Hotpot Restaurant, Restaurant Door

This time around, Red Land Group Sdn Bhd was engaged by a pioneer food business operator to comes up with a modern oriental steamboat restaurant in Ipoh based on the legendary Three Kingdoms concept.

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