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Have you found a piece of wooden furniture that you just adore, but the finish isn't quite the same as the rest of the wood furniture back at home? Coordinating multiple wood finishes and colors into the same room is tricky. So, can you mix different color wood furniture? We researched and compiled this guide to […]

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We’re constantly being asked about if it’s okay to mix different wood tones in a space. We actually recommend mixing different wood tones because using the same tone everywhere can make the space look really bare. Adding in various wood tones can add beautiful layers and contrast into a space. But to achieve that natural, […]

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Have you ever walked into a home with extravagant vaulted ceilings with rustic exposed beams? If so, you probably wondered how exposed beam ceilings would look in your home. Let's look into that and see if this is a feature you should consider. You don't have to have a vintage or rustic-styled home to incorporate exposed beams into your space without it looking out of place. You'll find in the examples we have curated below that many designers are using exposed beams to add a rustic twist to…

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