Milk pot

Enhance your kitchen with unique milk pot designs that add style and functionality to your cooking routine. Discover top ideas to find the perfect milk pot for your kitchen.
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If you’ve been cooking for a few years, you’ve probably already stocked your kitchen with basic tools and equipmenta few key recipesgrown-up kitchen habits We like to think of this list as a “next-level” guide to making your kitchen feel grown-up. Most of the items below don’t show up on standard starter kitchen lists; they’re not really essential for the most beginner cook, but they’re fantastic items for the lifelong cook.

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Rare 18th-century Silver Milk Pot | by national museum of american history Boston Tea Party, Still Life Pictures, Boston Tea, Tea Plant, Milk Pot, Life Paint, Still Life Photos, Still Life Art, Silver Art

The Museum acquired at auction a rare 18th-century silver milk pot or creamer with engraved with symbols and an inscription that support the American colonists’ ongoing boycott of imported goods, especially tea, during the months following a 1773 Tea Act aimed at expanding the British East India Company’s monopoly. Domestic objects from this era that reflect political or economic sentiments are rare. Decorated with the female figure of a Native American holding a tea plant, topped by a…