Mexican embroidery

Explore the vibrant world of Mexican embroidery and discover stunning designs and patterns. Add a touch of color and culture to your wardrobe with these unique creations.
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Crafts is a living and permeating practice in Oaxaca. You cannot escape it. Every town remains true to their iconic crafts, from textile to ceramic to woodcarving, dyeing and glass making and more. The signature cloth of San Antonio Castillo Velasco is a tightly packed rainbow-tones floral

Natasha Weise-Hungerford
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If you’ve been on the hunt for some eye-catching Mexican embroidery patterns, you’ll love the design ideas we’ve found for you! Mexican embroidery is called Otomi embroidery. There are several different motifs and designs that go into this type of embroidery, and each one is unique. It isn’t difficult to work from Mexican embroidery patterns, […] Read more...

Jerri Medina