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Quick Answer: Multiply by 10. To do any conversion, you find the relationship between the two units. In this case, "100 cm" = "1 m" and "1000 mm" = "1 m" Therefore "100 cm" = "1000 mm" or "1 cm" = "10 mm" This gives you two conversion factors: "1 cm"/"10 mm" and "10 mm"/"1 cm" and if you look at the equation, you'll see that "1 cm"/"10 mm" = "10 mm"/"1 cm" = 1 EXAMPLE Convert 3.1 cm into millimetres. You multiply by a conversion factor: "1 cm"/"10 mm" or "10 mm"/"1 cm". Choose the one that…

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relative sizes of measurement units within one system of units, express measurements in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit, examples and solutions, Common Core Grade 4,, length, mass, capacity

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