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Immerse yourself in the world of Marvel with captivating concept art. Discover the stunning visuals that bring your favorite characters to life and get inspired for your own artistic endeavors.
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Right now, I've been working on my concept art portfolio. I feel like my work is stale so I'm trying to push it to where I can get back into the industry but, I digress. This came from a fan casting idea. When I heard about it, I had to make it come to life. So here we go. Don't throw stones too hard lol

John Almonte Jr.
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Two alternate concepts for how Sword could have rebuilt Vision in Wandavision. The original plan was to have the new Vision have harder-edged, more mechanical muscle forms to reflect both his new aggression and his more mechanical rebuilt nature. While ultimately the original "muscle suit" from The Avengers was retained, the harder-edged facial makeup was incorporated into the new costume. I also tried a few different variations on more obviously man-made detailing at the chest-plate and…

Joel Rickdal