Male ballerina

Discover the extraordinary journeys of male ballerinas who have defied societal norms and embraced their passion for ballet. Learn how these talented dancers have overcome challenges and find inspiration to pursue your own dreams.
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On Thursday, Julian took his last class as an official dance “student.” Leaving the School of American Ballet dance studio for the last time represented a bittersweet moment for him. Moving forward, he will consider himself and be called an “apprentice.” No longer a student per se, although a dancer never stops learning and perfecting […]

Ulf Landqvist
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Over the summer, as the isolation of the pandemic wore on, Roberto Vega Ortiz posted a video of himself dancing in satin pointe shoes on Instagram, with the hashtag #maleballerinas. Soon, men from around the world were posting videos with the same hashtag, sharing footage of themselves — sometimes bare-chested and sometimes in tutus — dancing en pointe in Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Chile and throughout the U.S.

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