Magna carta

Explore the enduring impact of the Magna Carta, a historic document that laid the foundation for modern legal systems. Learn about its origins, principles, and how it shaped the course of democracy.
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"When you hear the word ‘document’ you might not get all that excited. Maybe you think about filing paperwork, taxes, or important documents you’re scared to lose like your birth certificate. But really… Documents can change the world. That’s right. With just ink and a few, or many pages, the entire world can be impacted.

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Enlarge Magna Carta, 1297: Widely viewed as one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy. On display in the David M. Rubenstein Gallery. Presented courtesy of David M. Rubenstein. "The democratic aspiration is no mere recent phase in human history . . . It was written in Magna Carta." --Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1941 Inaugural address On June 15, 1215, in a field at Runnymede, King John affixed his seal to Magna Carta. Confronted by 40 rebellious barons, he…

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