Lon chaney

Explore the extraordinary career of Lon Chaney, the iconic actor known for his transformative performances in silent films. Discover the captivating characters he brought to life and the lasting impact he left on the world of cinema.
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This still from the lost film LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (1927) gives a sense of twisted potential. In recent years, a partial restoration has allowed us to see that the mystery surrounding the LON CHANEY vampire role may well be one best left in the dark. Not a remarkable story or overall presentation, but an evocative characterization nonetheless from the silent film legend. On a personal note, I once rendered a powerful dream (which became the cover of this e-book) a couple of years before…

Robert Arzola
Lon Chaney Jr. aka the"original" Werewolf- classic! Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, Classic Hollywood, Films, Lon Chaney Jr, Lon Chaney, Old Movies, Film Noir, Classic Films

Actor. One of the most emblematic horror film stars of the 1940s. Though given the name Creighton Chaney by his parents, he took the name Lon Chaney, Jr. at the behest of a producer who wished to capitalize on the reputation of his father, who had starred in such silent classics as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and...

Clarence Stahlman