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Make a lasting impression with a professionally designed logo for your construction company. Explore top logo design ideas that reflect your brand's identity and expertise in the industry.

Starting a new construction company from scratch? You require a strong construction company logo. Rebranding an existing business? You require a good choice from a selection of construction logos. You don't have to do it alone in either case! With the construction logo ideas we've curated here, we're here to help you find inspiration. A well-designed construction logo communicates that your firm is qualified for the job. Clients are looking at a lot of logos and getting a lot of estimates…

Mikhail Demidov
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Alpha Project Constructions Intro/Client ID: Design for designers is far more challenging than anything else, that’s why we love to design for designers. Our client, Alpha Projects, is a team of experts in residential design, project management and constructions. To date, the company has undertaken and completed projects throughout Greece and the UK.

Christian Zapata