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I have been publicly talking about autoimmune diseases for over 10 years now, and one of the biggest things I’ve learned is how little people know about them. To that end, especially with more and more people getting them, I thought it was time to talk about some autoimmune disease basics. That’s right - let’s talk about what no one tells you about autoimmune diseases.

Terry Flynn Sullivan
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Chronic Inflammation is triggered by the immune system responding to irritants or foreign compounds, often in food or the environment. With no overt symptoms, chronic inflammation is a little harder to understand or even recognize. However, research has linked it with obesity, metabolic syndrome, he

Jill Sutulovich Gonzalez
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So, you've joined the club. You know, the one absolutely nobody ever wants to join. You're not alone: 1 in 5 Americans will receive an autoimmune diagnosis in their lifetime. Many of those are women. Welcome. Receiving an Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis: Receiving your first autoimmune diagnosis is a uniquely complex experience, because statistically speaking you

Donna Talarico
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It's been almost 7 years now since I was diagnosed with my first autoimmune disease and a few years since a second one was identified and added to the list. I've spent countless hours researching and experimenting with different things, as well as working with doctors and naturopaths, in order to fight for my quality

Karen Walter