Listening skills

Enhance your communication abilities by developing strong listening skills. Discover practical tips to become a better listener and improve your relationships.
the five levels of listening are labeled in red and white, with arrows pointing to each other

What level are you listening at? 👂 There are so many different ways that you can listen to someone, from barely paying attention to the other person to using all your listening and empathising skills to try to understand how they are thinking and feeling. While not all conversations require us to use empathic listening (that would be draining and unstainable!), there are critical moments and close relationships which deserve this level of attention and effort.

Debangshi Maitra
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Great communication skills are one of the most sought after skills required by companies. But when we talk about communication skills we often miss the most important communication skill of all, active listening. Here are a few ways you can practice and improve your active listening skills. #WorkWarsWomen #activelistening #practiceactivelistening #activelisteningskills #leadershipskills #greatleadership #womenleaders #careertips #careertalk #careerhelp #careers #womenleadership…

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