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🔞🥵 Fully Released - 24/03/2021 What's in between Greece and Syria… #romance #Romance #amreading #books #wattpad Make Up, People, Lip Art, Red Lips, Tom Ford Beauty, Beautiful Lips, Makeup

🔞🥵 Fully Released - 24/03/2021 What's in between Greece and Syria? 🇹🇷. 2,418 miles from 🇲🇦 and the holiday of a lifetime w/ a book as Aurora's guide to a complicated love triangle between her long standing relationship and whirlwind love affair. The potential downsides? Possible love, heartbreak, and disappointments 🌚 -- Author's Note: This book is overridden w/ cliches & stereotypes +++ full explicit scenes 🔥 So yes, it contains smut, love triangle & adultery. Because - which…

Anne Gaëlle François
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Clearly spreading mood Water paint tinting. Like your real lips minimized smudging. Clear application like a water painting layered coloration. Lightly penetrating like your real lips. Simply chic-Perfect mood. * COLOR #01 Hazy Coral - Gently spreading soft coral perfect for your face by summoning coral #02 Supple Pink

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