Lip shapes

Explore the various lip shapes and learn how to enhance your natural features. Find the perfect lip shape that complements your style and creates a stunning look.
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We're A Makeup Artist Founded, Latina Owned And Operated Cosmetics Company Based Out Of Miami. We Offer High Quality Cosmetics At A Comfortable Price Tag For All To Enjoy. We Are Dedicated To Celebrating Culture Through Cosmetics With Our Vibrant And Intentionally Created Beauty Products.

Tessa Penick
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Uniqueness is the essence of nature. Even identical twins have minute differences, and the same goes for our lips! Our Lips are different from one another. They differ in size and shape, and our lip prints are unique and individualistic. In this blog, we’ll get to learn the different types of lip shapes and colors, and what it says about their health! Every Lip shape and type is beautiful and stunning on its own and has its individuality! This is just a list to make you familiar with the…