Linoleum block

Explore unique linoleum block printing techniques and designs for your next art project. Discover how to create beautiful prints with linoleum blocks and unleash your creativity.
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If you're a beginner or intermediate printmaker you may be wondering how to get those beautiful, crisp lino prints you see online. Good news you don't have to have a printing press! In this art education blog post I'll teach you my three methods for printing the yummiest linoleum prints. lino block inspiration. art how to. printmaking diy, printmaking insp,

Julie Tellez

"Oh no, what happened??!" I heard this exclamation from across the room during a workshop, so I went over to investigate...but I was pretty sure I already knew what the problem was. Sure enough, while I had been helping one student, another had gone buck wild with the paint and turned he

Bertie Wilmshurst
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I've used a wide range of carving tools for block printing, such as those made by Speedball, Power Grip, Pfeil and Japanese woodblock carving tools. I'm going to break down my research into two categories: inexpensive, budget oriented carving tools and more expensive, superior tools. I have some spe

Undine Day