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We are passionate supporters of public libraries here at Pages Unbound. But there are still awesome services and programs I would love to see libraries provide! Here are ten cool ideas that would g…

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The Library Adventure uses affiliate links, see our policies for more information.Kids ages 8 to 12 are often too busy with scheduled activities of their own to make it to library programs in the afternoons or evenings. For librarians who wish to increase attendance at programs for this age group, this can be very frustrating, […]

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Program Name: Around the World What: We haven’t offered this program yet, but if you had some willing patrons to talk about their trips both within the country and overseas, other patrons could attend who were interested in traveling. Sharing an itinerary, basic information about the area, accommodations, meals, etc. This would be so helpful for other travelers who are ready to make plans. Where: This is an easy program to offer in a small meeting space as I’m not sure how many people would…

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The most successful displays I've done at my library have been passive readers advisory. For the last five years or so, I’ve done a monthly display of minature books based on the top YA titles checked out in my library system, with the top 10 books getting four readalikes. The Tiny Library is a collection of tiny books based on our most popular titles. Each tiny book contains reading suggestions based on our readalike list. There is a QR code that leads to a Google Form where teens can…