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Libraries can be some of the most visually stunning meccas of architecture, but even if you aren't fortunate enough to live near one of the most beautiful libraries in the world - your local libraries can still contain some pretty creative designs. The following list is a collection of photos from everyday libraries that have been spiced up with hilarious and creative twists from the funny librarians who run them.

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As we approach Winter Break, I realized I haven't written many blog articles lately. I moved to a new city and started in a new-to-me library this year. I've been too busy to do much blog writing beyond my infamous New Releases posts and a couple of random book reviews. I'm about 10 book reviews behind, and they may never get written at this point. It's been an exhausting few months, but Winter Break looms large and lovely on the horizon...only one more week to go!

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One of my heroes, Doug Johnson, includes a "Blast From The Past" post on his blog each week. As Doug describes it:"A weekend Blue Skunk "feature" will be a revision of an old post. I'm calling this BFTP: Blast from the Past."I love these posts, because they give me the opportunity to revisit Doug's previous thoughts on a topic while also considering how those thoughts have evolved over time. Let me be clear, I'm no Doug Johnson. But after 10 years of blogging in this space, there are…

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