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Find inspiration for organizing and cataloging your library with these top ideas. Create a system that makes finding your favorite books a breeze.
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One of a series of library education posters designed by Peabody Visual Aids in the 1930s and 1940s, which I salvaged from a throw-away pile at my library school in 2003. These were created under the supervision of visionary librarian Ruby Ethel Cundiff. Many thanks to Gabriel Jaramillo at the Claremont Colleges Digital Library for the high-quality digitization.

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How to Write a Library Catalog Card. Whether cataloging a small home library or a sizable archive, catalog cards can be used to organize any collection. Completing the cards is simple, using a few pieces of standard information. Most of the details included on a catalog card can usually be found in the book itself ...

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Whenever I am giving a tour of our Reading Rooms, or introducing a new Reader to our collection, I always make it a point to mention that we still have a card catalog room (two, in fact—one primarily for our printed collections, and one primarily for our manuscripts and art collections), which together hold forty... Continue Reading »