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Learn how to level your floor with these effective techniques. Create a smooth and even surface for your space with these top ideas and tips.
Leveling floor for wood.... Not fun. But need to know how to do this! Stupid slanty floors Home, Design, Studio, Garage Floor, Leveling Floor, House Flooring, Home Remodeling Diy, Home Upgrades, Plywood Flooring

Isn’t it gorgeous? Sorry for the nighttime iphone pictures; as usual, we finished late at night (after kids went to bed) and couldn’t wait until morning to put furniture back… Talk about impatient! Anyway, as I mentioned before, the upstairs office (which, incidentally, is an addition to the original house) had a major level problem. As...

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How to Level a Plywood or OSB Subfloor Using Asphalt Shingles Plywood Subfloor, Plywood Flooring, Leveling Floor, Hardwood Floors, Wood Floors Wide Plank, Wide Plank, Basement Flooring, Diy Flooring, Flooring

This article is part of our series on How to Install Hardwood Floors. While preparing to lay 1100 square feet of hardwood flooring, we discovered significant variation in the OSB subfloor that will serve as the nailing surface for the hardwoods. This article provides detailed instructions for leveling a subfloor based on our project. Project Overview: Uneven OSB Subfloor The subfloor beneath our first floor is 5/8' oriented strand board (OSB) laid over 2 x 10 joists that are spaced 16 inches…

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Up first in hardwood flooring week is tackling a particularly challenging section of our subfloor that couldn't be leveled using our asphalt shingle subfloor leveling method. If you want background on the entire leveling project, I suggest reading the shingle-method post first. It gives information on the subfloor situation covered in this article, and the steps required to level a subfloor without taking up the existing subflooring material. In some cases, it is necessary (or at least…

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