Leeks side dish

Add a burst of flavor to your meal with these delicious leeks side dish recipes. Explore new ways to prepare and enjoy leeks, perfect for any occasion.
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We try to use as much of the leek as possible, so instead of discarding the tougher green part of the leek, we fry it in butter and oil, low-and-slow style, to soften it. There is lots of lovely flavour in there. The sauce is simply white wine, chicken stock, a dash of lemon juice and seasoning. Together with the butter and oil, the ingredients emulsify together to make an unctuous sauce.

Mary Jane McCarthy
Baked Leek Gratin is a uniquely delicious side dish that is perfect for any time of the year, but, especially wonderful for a special feast like Easter, Mother's Day, or Thanksgiving. Get the complete recipe with ALL-NEW VIDEO on the blog! Paleo, Casserole, Side Dishes, Appetiser Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Biscuits, Side Dish Recipes, Leeks Side Dish, Leek Recipes Side Dishes

This dish is the perfect side, especially for a "special occasion" feast such as Easter, Mother's Day, or even Sunday dinner. It may feel like you are starting with too many leeks, but, don't worry, they cook down fairly quickly. The dish can even be prepared almost completely in advance! (See Notes).

Judith Heidenrich