Leaf beetle

Discover interesting facts about leaf beetles and learn how to identify these unique insects. Find out how leaf beetles play a crucial role in the ecosystem and explore ways to attract them to your garden.
Calligrapha - Leaf Beetle by Nature's Great, via Flickr Nature, Leaf Beetle, Clay County, Cool Bugs, A Ladybug, Beetle Bug, Beautiful Bugs, Creepy Crawlies, Arthropods

Calligrapha - Leaf Beetle

This interesting little beetle was found on one of my walks. I haven't found a way to positively ID him yet, other than the Calligrapha genus. There are many similar species which makes it more confusing. I believe the plant is a honeysuckle, although I found an identical specimen on some tall grass about a quarter-mile away from the first one. It's roughly 50% longer than a ladybug. I used natural light to get the right colors, so the DOF isn't very high, and I had to do some selective…

Kris Kilcoyne