Lasagna with sausage

Indulge in mouthwatering lasagna recipes that feature the rich flavors of sausage. Find the perfect recipe to satisfy your craving and impress your family and friends.

This Million Dollar Lasagna is the best easy lasagna recipe out there! Change up the fillings however you’d like- this version is layered with flavorful Italian sausage, marinara and Alfredo sauce. And no boiling noodles required. You might be wondering why I’m calling this Million Dollar Lasagna- simple. It’s easy and it’s the best lasagna...

Donna Klipp
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When is the last time you took your classic beef lasagna recipe and mixed it up a bit? We're making a beef + Italian sausage lasagna with caramelized onions. The onions give this easy lasagna recipe the kick that it needs to bring the savory, aroma-filled, and meaty lasagna to life! Get the recipe below and give it a try!

Kait Tripp
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Nothing says love like a big pan of layered cheese, pasta, meat, and sauce. This Classic Lasagna recipe is always a crowd pleaser made with 4 simple layers, and comes together in just minutes with an easy hack. The oven does the rest for you! This classic meat lasagna recipe is a traditional Italian one and sure to become a family favorite in no time!

Sarah Conlow
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If you're looking for a classic Italian lasagna, get one from an Italian. Italian lasagna with ricotta is baked with luscious layers of sausage, ground beef, FOUR cheeses and two secret ingredients for authentic flavor. Ladle over some marinara sauce and for the best Sunday dinner the whole family will love.

Betsy Donat