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Experience the authentic flavors of Laos cuisine with these mouthwatering food ideas. From traditional dishes to modern twists, explore a variety of recipes and satisfy your cravings today.
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Nam Khao is one of the most loved Lao dishes. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It has a top-notch texture. And, it is full of so much aromatic flavor. It is one of my favorite foods to make and share with others. What is Nam Khao and What Makes it So Fantastic? When I introduce people to Lao food, Nam Khao is always one of the first dishes I show them. It is always a hit. Everyone’s reaching for their next bite before finishing their first. What makes Nam Khao so delicious? Well, to start, there…

Judy Singratsomboun
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Egg yolk salad dressing is commonly seen and made in the Laotian cuisine known as Yum salad. Hard boil egg yolks is the star of this dressing. It’s usually made with hard boiled egg yolks, fish sauce, oil, sugar & lime juice. Everyone has there own take on it, which is pretty fun to experiment. It’s savory, full of umami, a little sour, and just so good!

Hara Vang