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2019 student design competition winners announced — International Federation of Landscape Architects Architect Presentation Board, Architectural Competition Board, Landscape Design Presentation, Architecture Competition Board, Architect Presentation, Site Plan Architecture, Landscape Design Competition, Competition Poster, Landscape Architecture Presentation

2019 student design competition winners announced — International Federation of Landscape Architects

The winners of the Student Design Competition of the 56th IFLA World Congress 2019 were announced at the 2019 World Congress in Oslo. Dr Beverly Sandalack, Chair of the Jury and Chair of the IFLA Competitions Committee made the announcement during the opening ceremony. The competition was sponsore

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Redevelopment of Devrai Arts Village, Panchgani

This thesis topic talks about the design development of Devrai Art Village, located in Panchgani, Maharashtra where Rock Dhokra art – a unique invention born out of traditional dhokra art form is being currently developed and practiced within the artisans and craftsmen of Devrai. # Landscape Design Competition # Urban Design Competition

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Celebrating Mandvi Architecture as a negotiator

Rethinking architecture constructed for and by tourism. On a larger picture, the thesis questions the idea of using architecture as a tool to package places as destinations to be sold rather than journeys to be experienced. # Urban Design Competition # Landscape Design Competition

Agias Sofias Competition >Board 03 by Alex Vandoros, via Flickr Architectural Presentation, Plan Concept Architecture, Competition Board, Landscape Architecture Drawing, Urban Landscape Design, Desain Lanskap, Architectural Competition, Landscape Plan, Landscape Architecture Design

Agias Sofias Competition >Board 03

Regeneration of the Agias Sofias - Acheiropoeitos axis of Thessaloniki / competition OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS in collaboration with VANDOROS ALEXIOS, participated at this years biggest Greek Architectural Competition of Ideas for the project “Regeneration – Promotion of the Agias Sofias - Acheiropoeitos axis, of the Municipality of Thessaloniki”. -Architectural study: OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS, VANDOROS ALEXIOS -Electrical and mechanical study: Riris Constantinos -Traffic impact study…

Mahmoud Saladdin
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It’s a representation of a multifaceted heritage, which has a rich, diverse tradition. Art and Crafts rank among the oldest in them. It regards aesthetics of Bangladesh history and also represents Bangladeshi people’s dignity and pride. # Urban Design Competition # Landscape Design Competition

UNI Architecture competition