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Discover the best ladder rack options for your truck to securely transport ladders and other long items. Upgrade your truck's functionality and make your work easier with these top ladder rack ideas.
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One of the best parts of owning a kayak is exploring new waterways. There’s always something new to be found in your area’s assortment of lakes, rivers, or coastal waterways. But you need a reliable way to transport your kayak (or kayaks!) to these new waterways safely. While we’ve seen a number of jerry-rigged solutions ... Read more

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9′ Douglass Apitong flatbed built for a 56″ cab-to-axle DRW Chevy 3500. This flatbed received a headboard, top and underbody boxes, and a forklift-loadable ladder rack with shovel holders. Its hinging side railing is made from smooth steel. For added customization, a custom underbody basket with a frame rail door was added. Click on any…

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Our “Contractor Rack” section is a cover all category for all the different rack options available for the contracting multitaskers! Empire Truck Works installs ladder racks and van racks of course, but we also install full usage racks such as lumber racks, forklift-able racks, shell racks, and lots of other styles of durable and high Read more about Contractor Rack[…]

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