Knitting needle storage

Keep your knitting needles organized and accessible with these creative and practical storage solutions. Find the perfect storage ideas to declutter your knitting space and streamline your projects.
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Never hunt for your DPNs again! Time to knit something for yourself with these Knit Knitting Needle Cases Free Knitting Patterns, with the special designed Knitter’s Pandemic Wrister Free Knitting Pattern I have shared before. With this handy needle roll they’ll all be together, with a place for every needle in each set. Slip each […]

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When I began my adventures in knitting, I knew one thing for certain -- I wanted to start out with a full set of needles. What little knitting I had done in the past had already awakened me to the frustration of finding a project, only to realize that you don't have the right size needle(s)! Fortunately, I found an inexpensive set of bamboo circular needles with virtually every size included. 32" circulars are necessary for larger projects in the round, but also function as "regular"…

Rosa Andrea Hernández Gómez
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How do you keep track of those knitting needle pairs? Are they all over the place? Do you dare not use them, for fear of losing one? And so they turn into yet another bane in your life like 'find the odd sock' has become for so many? For so long I had my knitting needles hidden away […]

Dinah Stoffregen
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I like to start the new year organized, so I tidy up my knitting needles and notions at the start of the new year. When you are ready to cast on a new project, there is nothing worse than searching through a tangle of needles to find the size you need. Read on if your knitting needles look like this: Let's solve tha

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