Knife shapes

Explore a variety of knife shapes to enhance your cooking skills. Find the perfect knife shape that suits your needs and take your culinary creations to the next level.
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Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. To say pocket knives are among the most useful tools known to mankind is no exaggeration. For millions of years, they've helped us cut food, save people from burning vehicles, defend against crimes, hunt for dinner, slice open boxes and accomplish countless other tasks—from the mundane t

Jeremiah Riedler
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Have you ever been using a Santoku and thinking to yourself “Man, this knife slaps. So good at chopping veggies. So nimble and easy to use. I love this knife. It’s amazing. But I wish it had a super rad pointy tip”? Well, you need a Bunka, aka my new favourite knife shape. The name Bunka translates to “culture, and was created in the 1950s when Japanese culture was modernizing. “Bunka apartments” were highly popular in urban areas, and the name was eventually lifted for this knife shape…

Jason Morton