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Discover mouthwatering kielbasa recipes that are perfect with rice. Try these flavorful dishes and elevate your mealtime with a combination of savory kielbasa and fluffy rice.
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The faster the meal the better - but without sacrificing quality foods.This meal is super easy on the budget - it's just sausage, rice, broth and frozen veggies. At the end of the month I usually find our grocery budget is just about at the brink, so I scrounge the cupboards and pantry for ingredients we have already. Want more easy recipes that can help you reach your goals?? Every client of mine gets a high protein recipe book with yummy meals they can cook for their families. We should…

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Recipe video above. The smoked sausage is the trick here to get great flavour into this quick one pot dinner. Tastes like Jambalaya, minus the cajun flavours, and much faster to make. Everybody loves this!I used kransky sausages but you can use any smoked sausages you want, including chorizo. You can even use raw sausages - see Note 1! Also feel free to use other vegetables - anything that can hold up to 20 minutes on the stove.