Kdf wagen

Explore the fascinating journey of KDF Wagen, from its humble beginnings as the iconic Beetle to the cutting-edge Volkswagen models of today. Discover the innovation, performance, and timeless design that make KDF Wagen a true automotive legend.
1942-KdF Sedan - Grey by artbyedo Vw Beetles, Camper, Vw Bugs, Volkswagen, Vw Van, Vw Volkswagen, Vw Bus, Vw Cars, Car Volkswagen

Description The one that started it all: Der KdF Wagen is the first version of the Beetle to be mass-produced. As the war raged on, the handful of civilian models being produced slowed to a trickle as military production ramped up. This example in grey rides on bias ply ‘pie crust’ tires with black banana bumpers, blackout headlamp covers, an external bumper mounted horn, and a Hirschmann radio antenna mounted on the A pillar. Drawn entirely in Adobe Illustrator. I do commissions! See…

Erdem Deniz