Kawaii chan

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Kawaii~Chan (real name Nana) is a main character in MyStreet. Kawaii~Chan had a shrine for her... Kawaii, Kawaii Chan Aphmau Fanart, Vintage Lockscreen Aesthetic, Aphmau Kawaii Chan, Aphmau Skin, Japanese Honorifics, Lockscreen Aesthetic Wallpaper, Wallpaper Iphone Lock Screen, Vintage Lockscreen

Overview Affiliation Gallery Nana "Kawaii~Chan" Ashida is a major character in MyStreet. Nana Ashida grew up in a seemingly happy home with eleven siblings. However, she grew to hate the fact that people often confused her with her siblings since she closely resembles her brothers and sisters since they all shared the same eye and hair color. She felt like a copy of her siblings, with no personality or special talent, some of her siblings were very talented. Nana began reading a story about…

Kait Payne