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Discover the joys of owning Juliana pigs as pets. Learn about their small size, friendly nature, and intelligent behavior. Find out why Juliana pigs are the perfect addition to your family.
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As of today, I've had my Lil' Pig for 24 days. He is 6 weeks old. He is litter box trained and completely weaned off milk. So today, I'm going to post some things I've learned about mini pigs. First: Pigs make noise all day! I didn't know this, and I was thinking that he was hungry all the time. I did some reading and it's normal... thank goodness! My pig makes all different kinds of noises. It's hard to describe them. He makes happy noises. Hungry noises. Playing noises. Little short…

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Photo Credit: Will Thomas Kunekune pigs (pronounced “koo-nee koo-nee”) are great as pets, but only for the right people. After creating a lot of content around pet pigs and working with them myself, Kunekune’s have always interested me. Although they are not as popular as pot-bellied pigs, I actually believe that they are better than ... Read more

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Said to be the smallest breed of pig, the Juliana pig is often referred to as the miniature painted pig because of its small size and its markings. The Juliana was bred to be small, by selectively breeding other small breeds and small pigs. It is not formally recognized as a breed but tends to […]

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