John paul ii

Discover the remarkable journey of John Paul II, a true leader and advocate for peace. Learn about his influential teachings, his impactful work, and the lasting impact he left on the world.
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Pope St. John Paul II was not only a pastor and great theologian, but also an athlete who loved the great outdoors! Below are some photos of him vacationing and hiking in the alps. [See also: Why Satan Is So Scared of St. John Paul II, According to Rome’s Chief Exorcist] [See also: St. John Paul II Was a Marvel Comic Book Hero In the ’80s] Click on any image to view it full size. Enjoy! [See also: St. John Paul II May Actually Be More

Korona Rajan
Lucifer is the Babylonian Sun god = the Pope The Pope and Sun god worship, Look at the state of the church today almost all are worshipping Lucifer on Sun day. Jesus is the Light of this world not the Sun. Modern church's have being infiltrated by the Catholic Jesuit controlled freemason Priest. Pope Saint John Paul Ii, San Juan Pablo Ii, Catholic Wallpaper, Eucharistic Adoration, Sun Worship, St John Paul Ii, Juan Pablo Ii, Art Sacre, Pope John Paul Ii

The Egyptians worship sun as “Ra”. The Pope use the symbol in the Eucharist, and the Americans worship it on their dollar bill. Horus as the Falcon god of Egypt, having the sun god as his head and Father. There is an amazing similarity between the worship of the pagan sun god and money. The symbol of the sun “god” is found on the US dollar bill. You can not buy or sell anything without a grand or two. Earlier the US dollar reflected the value of the US gold reserves in Forth Knox. The sun…

Erica Sutton