Jesus smiling

Discover beautiful and heartwarming images of Jesus with a radiant smile. Find inspiration and joy in these uplifting pictures of our Savior.
The heart of God is what we need to share with the world. Yes, warn everyone that His wrath will pour out on this earth and time will end, BUT when it comes to His CHILDREN it’s a DIFFERENT STORY! The world will end, but not until every child of HIS has been rescued and is safe in His arms, so spread the good news! That’s why He said it is our love that will show people He came. (please read John chapter 17 and look at His HEART!) They need to know there is a safe place to run to… Jesus Loves, Jesus Christ, Christ, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Is Lord, God Jesus, Jesus Christ Images, Jesus Pictures, The Church Of Jesus Christ

"...Many times did God deliver them, but they were rebellious in their counsel and sank low through their iniquity, nevertheless He regarded their distress when He heard their cry;" Psalm 106:43-44 "Nevertheless he regarded their affliction" .... Or 'looked on them in distress' - He saw their affliction, and had compassion on them; he was…

Jason Fairchilds