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Explore the life and legend of Jesse James, the notorious outlaw who captivated the Wild West. Discover the thrilling tales of his daring heists and his ultimate legacy as a symbol of rebellion.
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Unit study is a popular method in this decade for quickly absorbing basic knowledge of each subject. Here are our top 30 free unit studies for all ages. Introduction We can condense the key points of quality education embodied in the syllabus and textbooks into four words, namely interests, methods, habits, and abilities. How to …

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There’s no more iconic scene in Western movies than the good old-fashioned pistol duel, where the lawman and the outlaw meet at high noon to see who’s faster on the draw. In actuality, this kind of thing very rarely occurred, and the true life Western stories—like Wild Bill Hickok being shot in the back while playing cards—tell a much more gruesome and less gallant tale. Still, there’s no denying that among the bandits and lawmen of the day there were a number of larger-than-life gunfighters…