Jason chan

Explore the incredible artwork of Jason Chan, a gifted artist known for his distinctive style. Immerse yourself in his captivating illustrations and be inspired by his creativity.
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“Change is coming to the world. Many fear change and will fight it with every fiber of their being. But sometimes, change is what they need the most. Sometimes, change is what sets them free.” Morrigan is a Witch of the Wilds, one of innumerable sorceresses whose legends originate in the Korcari Wilds. She is a companion to the Warden and a romance option for a male Warden. Morrigan can also teach the Shapeshifter specialization. Morrigan is the daughter of Flemeth, the legendary Witch of…

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When a teenaged girl goes missing, her mother calls Kit Colbana, scion of an ancient line of warriors -- unfortunately, Kit's heritage doesn't impress the local wererats much. They're determined to make the girl one of their own, and Kit is going to need a big sword, a bright flashlight, and a helpful vampire to get her back.

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