Japanese animals

Explore the diverse and fascinating wildlife of Japan. From graceful cranes to playful macaques, learn about the unique animals that call Japan home and plan your next wildlife adventure.
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These adorable flying squirrels are found in Japan and in Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific coast, and fall under the category of Old World flying squirrels. They don't hibernate, but in the winter, they sometimes sleep for several days at a time.

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Did you know animals can speak Japanese too? Yes, animal sounds in Japanese are different from animal noises (onomatopoeia) in English. For example, your cute shiba inu says 'wan wan' for 'woof woof'! Here are some popular Japanese animal sounds to learn. Click through to the post for more. Animal In Japanese, Animals In Japan, Cute Words In Japanese, Japanese Cute Words, Cute Japanese Stuff, Animals In Japanese, Cute In Japanese, Words In Japanese, Japanese Onomatopoeia

Did you know that your pet cat won’t go ‘meow’ in Japanese? Instead, a cat’s meow would be nyaa-nyaa (ニャーニャー)! In Japanese, animal sounds are replicated through onomatopoeia. Each sound differs from the biggest and

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Hokkaido is home to some incredible nature and wildlife, and if you keep your eyes peeled you may come across these little guys! Ezo Momonga (also known as the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel) can be found across the region, and they're able to glide from tree to tree! 🌳 🐿📷: @usapanchi-----📍Hokkaido, #Japan.....#JapanTravel #MyJapan #Japan #hokkaido #hokkaidojapan #hokkaidoprefecture #japangram #japanfan #ezomomonga #flyingsquirrel #japanesesquirrel #nature #naturelovers #naturegood