James ellroy

Dive into the captivating novels of James Ellroy, known for his gritty and suspenseful writing style. Discover his iconic characters and immerse yourself in thrilling crime stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Fragments of Noir: Good Looking Redhead ....... Portraits, Crime, Art, Portrait, Robert Frank, Raymond Chandler, Jack Vettriano, James Ellroy, Louis Faurer

There was always something incongruous about them. .......... When i knew her my mother was a very good looking redhead in her early forties. My father was a sun-ravaged hard smoking, hard living guy. He looked significantly older at Sixty than i do now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My dad would give me a twenty-dollar bill to go to the store. I'd steal the food and i'd bring him change for a Ten. I watched The Fugitive religiously on TV. If you've seen the original run of the series, it's all about sex…

Fragments of Noir