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First test of a IH that my brother is currently building, heats 1/4" stock to orange in about 8 seconds running at 1/3 power. Very rough set up, will all be contained in the case when its tuned and complete, more pics and videos to come tomorrow(7/8/12). Will have digital controls and other black...

David Wilkes
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In this post we comprehensively discuss how to build a high power 1000 watt induction heater circuit using IGBTs which are considered to be the most versatile and powerful switching […]

Saha Ermakov
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2000 Watts Induction Heater: Induction heaters are a great piece of tool for heating metal objects that can come in handy in a DIYers workspace when you need to get things red hot without messing up the whole space. So today we are going to create an extremly powerful induct…

Karl Hinzbrenner
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1000W Portable Induction Heater: Hey guys, this is my portable induction heater that can be powered either with batteries or connected to a power supply. You can use this to heat metals well above 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. I have made different attachments for cooking, releasing s…

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The article explains a step by step tutorial regarding designing your own homemade basic induction heater circuit, which can be also used as an induction cooktop. Basic Induction Heater Concept […]

Сергей Свитовенко
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A compact coil assembly for use in induction heating or other resonant applications. The coil is made from four turns of copper pipe which allows it to be water cooled using our water cooling accessories such as small pump, tubing, and radiators. The parallel capacitance is made from 8x 330nF capacitors which are rated for 400V. …

Walter Royal
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7 Uses for an Induction Heating Machine + How to Make One: In this instructable, I will show you how to make an induction heating machine and 7 different applications for it. Induction heating has many practical applications and making one is incredibly simple. First, I will go over the applications and the…

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