Indian women painting

Explore the beauty and culture of India through stunning paintings of Indian women. Be inspired by the vibrant colors and intricate details in these artistic masterpieces.
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Amit Bhar is a famous Indian watercolor painting artist. Amit Bhar was born in Hooghly chinsurah (west Bengal). Even as a child his first love was art. At the age of sixteen while at the Calcutta Govt. Art College, Amit was blessed with the guidance of Shri Paresh Das, a noted artist and gold medallist. Subsequently he gained further insights into art under the famous Subal Jana and Niloy Ghosh, who together enriched his style. He was also inspired by Bikash Bhattacharya and Suhas Roy during…

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Painter, photographer and a teacher, Kamal Rao was born in a family of artists. Kamal himself worked as a banner artist for a decade in New Delhi practicing the techniques on large flexes of Bollywood movie banners of that time. A firm believer of realism, he works towards making each subject of his paintings shown truthfully and with a lot of detail. He shifted his base to the beautiful city of Udaipur when he got an opportunity to work in an artist run gallery in the city.