Indian sculpture

Discover the beauty of Indian sculpture and adorn your space with exquisite pieces that showcase the rich cultural heritage. Explore top ideas to bring the allure of Indian art into your home.
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Women of exceptional beauty, in a graceful posture, arrested by the sculptor in the act of applying vermillion (sindoor)- giving finishing touches to her ornamentation, is an icon popularized in the

Lilian Chen
Jewelry: The Body Transformed exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Indian sculpture wearing jewelry Indian Art History, Ancient Indian Art, Indian Museum, Ancient Drawings, Famous Sculptures, Hindu Statues, Indian Sculpture, Temple Art, Beauty Art Drawings

One of the highlights of my trip to New York City Jewelry Week was the opportunity to see Jewelry: The Body Transformed, the blockbuster jewelry exhibition at the Met. (Ok, technically, I saw it twice while I was on the trip. And once more last weekend, since a friend and I had to go to […]

Megan Auman