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Human species

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The Top Ten Ancient History Podcasts You May Not Have Heard

There are podcasts on every subject these days. Even the ancient world has been brought into the modern one through this medium. If you are looking for another way to learn about the past, check out this list of some of the top contenders of ancient history podcasts.

Scientists confirm early humans were from Africa but their route out was via Arabia not Egypt

A six-year study found people ended up in Europe, Asia and Oceania by crossing the sea to Yemen around 70,000 years ago, not across the Sinai Desert as previously thought.

The World’s Only Intact Fossil Of An Early Whale - The Basilosaurus Dating About 40 Million Years Ago - Has Been Uncovered During A Excavation At Wadi Al-Hitan In Egypt

We can only guess what the future will look like. But the past? We have evidence to help us paint a picture of it. To visit it.

The Hobbit gets a little older, and science a little wiser

When a skeleton of the so-called 'Hobbit' - scientific name Homo floresiensis - was unearthed in Indonesia in 2003 it would go on to cause a major furor in anthropological circles like few others before it.

The Genes Of This Tribe Carry A DNA Of A Third Unknown Human Species

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I really think that you’ll be shocked when we tell you that this new evidence found by scientists has started to suggest that the people living…

n , a greater than 40,000-year event extending from the disappearance of Ice Age mammals to the destruction of rainforests by civilization today. But were other humans the first casualties? We've Recovered £13Million In PPI Plevin Claims. Lookup Your Name moneynews.reclaimppi.co.uk 11 MYSTERIOUS HUMAN SPECIES THAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW EXISTED PRE-HUMAN SPECIES WITH ORANGE-SIZED BRAINS MAY HAVE USED TEAMWORK AND BURIED THEIR DEAD BREAKING NEWS! 300,000-YEAR-OLD REMAINS PLACE OLDEST HOMO SAPIE

300,000 years ago, nine human species walked the Earth. Now there’s just one. The Neanderthals, Homo neanderthalensis, were stocky hunters adapted to Europe’s cold steppes.

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We all were stargazers at one or other points in our lives. As a human species, space is a thing of fascination, mystery, and curiosity for us. There are people who even dedicate their entire lives to studying the vast vast expanse of space.
What is human extinction? And what causes it? Human extinction is the hypothetical complete end of the human species. This may result either from natural causes or due to anthropogenic causes, but the risks of extinction through natural disaster, such as an asteroid impact or large-scale volcanism, are generally considered to be comparatively low. Many possible scenarios of anthropogenic extinction have been proposed, such as - climate change, global nuclear annihilation, biological warfare an
Wildlife safari is an adventurous journey into the land of animals, an ecosystem of which the human species have evolved. The term ‘safari’ has been used to describe human activities around forests, which were primarily hunting in the past. It has fortunately shifted to the ‘observation and study’ of wildlife in modern times.
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