How to use milk before it expires

Don't let your milk go to waste! Discover creative and delicious ways to use up your milk before it expires. Try these ideas and make the most of your milk.
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Guest Post by Katie from Kitchen Stewardship Have you bumped into an incredible markdown on milk that expires tomorrow but you’re out of freezer space because you just completed a fabulous once-a-month cooking adventure with your favorite blogging mamas? You don't have to walk by that incredible deal for lack of freezer space! Here are a few ideas for successfully using up a few gallons of milk in a day's time:

Jo-Ann Evoy
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Do you ever struggle to use up the milk in your fridge? Sometimes we buy milk for a recipe or a weekend brunch, and then it lingers in the fridge, half-used, with the expiration date barreling down upon our guilty heads. It’s a sad waste to pour sour milk down the drain, and we’re here to tell you that you never need to do that again.

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