How to remove graphics from shirts

Learn how to remove graphics from shirts using simple and effective methods. Say goodbye to unwanted designs and give your shirts a fresh new look with these easy tips and tricks.
Removing letters from a shirt: How you can use a hair dryer to remove vinyl letters from a T-shirt or sweatshirts. Great for reviving old school spirit shirts in minutes! :) Silhouette Projects, Diy Clothing, Cutting Files, Shirts, Upcycling, Vinyl Shirts, School Spirit Shirts, Diy Clothes, Cleaning Hacks

Not long ago we attended our church's annual children's clothing sale, and my daughter found a volleyball sweatshirt for the school's team that was to die for. She begged for it. It was cute, I admit. And 50 cents. I couldn't argue much. So I said yes. And then I got home and realized. The sweatshirt was personalized. Luckily it had vinyl lettering, which is typically heat transferred, so I wondered if the vinyl letters could be removed with heat too. I went basic-basic and started with my…

Jill Perri
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If you have made a mistake, or you just need a shirt for a one-time thing, let me show you how to remove heat transfer vinyl from fabric!

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