How to make instagram highlight covers

Learn how to make eye-catching and personalized Instagram highlight covers with these creative ideas. Elevate your profile and make your highlights stand out with unique and custom covers.
How to Add Instagram Highlight Covers Without Posting to Story. Learn how to add Cover icons to your Instagram Highlights without posting them to your Story. This way, you can update your Instagram Highlights without having people view them on Story. #instagramhighlightcovers #instagramstory #instagramhighlight #instagramtips #socialmedia Social Media Tips, Instagram, Social Marketing, Highlights, Instagram Marketing Tips, Instagram Marketing, Instagram Schedule, Instagram Followers, Instagram Tips

Are you looking for ways to add Instagram Highlight Covers to your profile without adding it to Story? Or simply want to hide your Highlight cover icon from your followers? Here’s a cool #InstaHack on how you can add a Highlight Cover to your Instagram without putting it up as our Story. …

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