How to make ink

Learn how to make ink at home using simple and creative techniques. Discover step-by-step instructions and unleash your creativity with homemade ink.
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You can absolutely make your own HOMEMADE ALCOHOL INK to SAVE MONEY and to make your own CUSTOM COLORS. These markers are dye-based which will give you high pigment loads in your homemade alcohol inks, and are the BEST. You can also use ethically-sourced micas or acrylic paint, as long as you make sure to ONLY PU...

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Making Avocado Ink & How to 'Really' Get Blood Out of a Stone : 3 Steps - Instructables Earth Pigments, Mineral Pigments, Natural Dye Fabric, Natural Dyes, Natural Color, Natural Beauty, Antique Interior, Nature Crafts, Nature Art

Making Avocado Ink & How to 'Really' Get Blood Out of a Stone: Mother Nature has some absolute gems of natural beauty & utility hidden away in the environment and human endeavour has always mananged to discover how to harvest and incorporate them into every day use. Obviously this curiously with nature is b…

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How to Make Writing Ink from Berries - My New Kentucky Home Natural Dye Fabric, Natural Dyes, Nature Crafts, Nature Art, Arts And Crafts, Paper Crafts, Diy Crafts, How To Make Ink, Tinta Natural

A quill pen has a special way of transporting a writer to the past. Grip the quill, dip into an inkwell, start making long, curvy strokes across a piece of paper, and suddenly you’re a young Revolutionary War soldier writing a hasty letter home, or you’re Thomas Jefferson agonizing over just the right words for […]

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