How to frame canvas

Learn how to frame a canvas like a pro with these easy and creative ideas. Enhance your artwork and showcase it beautifully with these framing techniques.
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One of the challenges of creating DIY art on canvas is in deciding how best to display it – namely, whether or not to frame it. It’s easiest not to frame, of course, and this can often make a great statement displayed on its own or as part of a gallery wall. But seeing that the piece I had in mind was a mid-to-large-scale canvas (2′ x 3′) and seeing that all of my art and mirrors on the main floor of our bungalow are framed, I decided to have my DIY art blend in with what I already have (see…

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We needed budget-friendly outdoor mood lighting, so we created DIY wood lanterns for this purpose. After my sweet hubby built these beautiful garden trellises that I designed, I felt something was missing, but what? Then it hits me they needed something that added depth to them, and why not add his famous wooden lanterns? These wooden

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how to frame a canvas for cheap. This easy DIY tutorial will teach you how to frame a canvas on a budget, making a big piece of $22 art look like it's worth much more! How to build a frame for a painting on a canvas with wood. Your home made picture will look so classy! Click through for easy to follow tips

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