How to draw birds

Learn how to draw birds with these simple and enjoyable techniques. Discover step-by-step tutorials and unleash your creativity in capturing the beauty of these feathered creatures.
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Hummingbirds are fascinating little birds particularly known for their long, slender beaks and rapid-moving wings. They have the unique ability to fly at high speed, resulting in the humming sound created by their beating wings, hence

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In this lesson you will learn how to draw an emperor penguin with a pencil step by step. Step 1. Outline the head and the body of the penguin with basic shapes. Step 2. Draw the penguin legs, neck, outline the penguins eye and beak. Step 3. Draw the penguins wings and beak in more detail. Draw penguins feet. Step 4. Add lines to denote the dark and white parts of the penguins body. Step 5. Start hatching the black parts of the penguin's body. Step 6. Continue hatching the penguin's body

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