Horseback Riding Tips

Improve your horseback riding skills with these expert tips. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, discover how to ride with confidence and have an amazing equestrian experience.
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Are you secretly nervous to ride your horse because of how forwards they are? It can be hard knowing how to slow a naturally hot horse down without pulling on the reins all the time. In this post, you'll learn my simple trick to getting fast horses to slow down and regain balance.

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Tips for Teaching 3 Common Canter Transition Mistakes Beginners Make | The Plaid Horse Magazine Equestrian Decor, Equestrian Life, Stay Fit, Get Fit, Horse Magazine, Barn Design, Layout Design, Design Ideas, Barrel Racing Horses

BY JENN ZALA Personally, it drives me nuts to see beginners struggling with canter transitions. The kiss of death is when the horse winds up in a fast trot around the ring. It can be tricky to explain the canter transition to beginners, so it’s important to figure out what the obstacle is before things […]

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These 6 mistakes to avoid while riding your horse come for Jones Equine LLC. Legs are a very important part of horseback riding communicating effectively with your horse. However if you use them wrong then it can lead to a horse that acts hot and nervous when you ride. Find out what the mistakes are

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