Honda grom mods

Take your Honda Grom to the next level with these must-try mods. From performance upgrades to eye-catching accessories, discover how you can customize your Grom for an unforgettable ride.
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Honda USA handed a Grom to the mad scientists at Steady Garage — a Californian shop that specializes in custom mini-motos. “Our vision for the project was to build something that is futuristic looking, with an end-of-the-world vibe,” the Steady guys tells us. “A utilitarian moto that would take on some crazy terrain and look tough.”

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Seems like everyone is jumping on the "Scrambler" bandwagon as of late. Triumph has "been there done that", for quite a longtime with it's Bonneville Scrambler. Then Ducati jumped onboard with it's Scrambler versions, Moto Guzzi even has one for 2016 based on the V7II. So having a basic motorcycle slightly pimped out for dirt roads is the "in" thing to have these days. What I didn't see coming was a Honda Grom Scrambler. Whoa. Apparently Honda will be introducing these new concept bikes at…

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